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While MySpace TV is producing his own fictional content for quite a while, MySpace Germany only integrated content from other producers (e.g. Halt die Klappe) until now.


On May 19th the first exclusive web series from MySpace Germany is starting. It’s called “They call us CANDY GIRLS” and deals with the lives of four girls “between dancefloor, relationships, love, lies and the big city of Berlin”. Sounds like a Roommates Rip-off, right? There will be 20 episodes, 5 minutes each. Production company is Myself & Eye Entertainment GmbH, the series is directed by Miriam Dehne.

I’m really curious if a exclusive web series in Germany pays off. How many viewers will the format attract correlated to the production costs? MySpace Germany sees the investment as a test ballon. If they want to catch up with Germanies’ leading social network StudiVZ exclusive high quality content could be a way to achieve this goal.

Republica 08 is already over for some days but I’d like to point a interesting panel out to you guys. The panel was entitled “The same production as every year - Media Aid 2.x”. The speakers introduced some interesting programs and gave some remarks on how to apply.


The MEDIA program of the European Union has a budget for interactive projects. Depending on your project you can get up to 100k €.


Local Aid institutions like The Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg have programs for digital content, too. As their program is in a test run right now, you won’t find any information on their website about it. If you’re interested in the program you can contact the responsible referent Rangeen Kathrina Horami.

I left the panel with hybrid feelings. The idea of gonvernmental aid for interactive content sounds very compelling in the first moment. One important aspects of the issue cool down my enthusiam. First, those programs are always an economic aid, not a cultural aid. Therefore, every submitted project needs a business plan. But would’nt it be great to develop new ways of interactive storytelling without economical bonds? I give you an example: The new webisode genre is desperately searching for new ways of financiation. Right now, product placement seems to be the most profitable method but it’s restricting narration heavily if you have to show a sponsor’s car quite often. Would’nt it be nice to experiment with interactive storytelling to push the boundaries of the genre? Therefore, a cultureal aid would help much more than an economical aid.

Anyway, media aid for digital content is a new possibility of financiation I’ll keep an eye on! Do you guys have any experiences with such programs? If so, please share them!


Republica 08 is a conference on web culture and politics, taking place in Berlin from 02.-04. of April 2008. On Friday the 4th they are having a sub-conference on web video. Subjects range from the political aspects of web video communication, Creative Commons, Webisodes, to Open Video Foundations and Web Video Funding possibilities.

I’lll be there, so if you’re around catch me for a chat.

Kathleen Grace and Thom Woodley alias Dinosaur Diorama Productions, the creators of The Burg, have released their new web docu-comedy The All-For-Nots !

Interesting concept, as the musicians of the band are actors but still planning to become a real band. All the music is originally created by the band and the creators. I really enjoyed the first episode, the character scripting is very strong and unique.

Of course the series offers the whole package a social-networking-drama needs these days: They are prominantly featured on Bebo, all the characters have profiles and blogs.

“Come along on a rollicking roadtrip through America with the next great indie-rock-pop-punk-Americana band. Meet The All-For-Nots (or “AFN” as their true fans call them): Johnny, Caleb, Paul, and Shirley - four Brooklyn rebels whose epic quest is to bring the masses their own brand of rock ‘n roll (okay, and maybe to get famous in the process). Witness every kick-ass performance and every devastating setback as they blaze across our great nation in their clunky van.”

via NewTeeVee.

There is a new project up on - Cinema in the digital Age:


“Life is a Remake. This film is a work in progress. Day by day it is growing, changing length as well as storyline. It is a diary, an essay film, a documentary and a fiction film at the same time. And it is a homage to Kurt Schwitter’s Merzbau.”

Quaterlife, the most expensive exclusive web series up to date, has aired the first two episodes.

MySpace DirectLink

In terms of narration and acting it I think it’s really awesome, it’s setting new standards for web fiction formats. I`m agreeing with Karina Longworth from NewTeevee that the basic idea of one of the main characters talking about his flatmates’ lives on his blog seems a little odd. It’s not very interesting to see the main character explaining everything through voice over while you actually see it in the acting yourself. Leaves only little room for your own interpretation and makes the plot very predictable.

But moreover, I think the series will become very popular. As I said, narration and acting are to the point. Especially the male and female protagonist will catch the attention of the mySpace audience. This coming-of-Age theme, struggling between your big dreams becoming an artist and your everyday (love)life has always worked. Why should it fail this time.

See Episode 2 here.

MySpace airs a new exclusive web series today. It’s a co-development with Iron Sink Media which, according to MySpace, was developed with the MySpace audience in mind.


The series follows the lifes of 8 friends after their graudation from college. All the characters from the series communicate with the audience through vlogs and mySpace profiles, moreover the fan community will have the oppurtunity to affect the storyline.

I have to admit, that the first webisodes looks very boring. The concept seems to be mainly about showing some beautiful girls fighting each other. But have a look yourself.

via NewTeeVee.

Brad Inman, head of Tunhere, a full service Internet video solutions provider, names four characteristics in a short interview on Beet.TV.


According to Inman, these characteristics are 1) good storytelling, 2) Authenticity, 3) Localization, 4) Information . This counts for branded content equally as for editorial content.

Have to think about first, then I’ll make my own list :-)
What do you guys think?

I was thinking about fictional web formats lately here and here. Teen soaps and detective stories are the most common genres right now, but with Devil’s Trade a mystery format is available now.

See the other episodes at F5.

I allready posted some thoughts about web fiction formats some days ago. Today myspace is screening the 12 final episodes of lonelygirl15 season 1 exclusivly, which is interesting because the soap got big on YouTube.


That myspace has an exclusive contract with the series is another sign that web fiction formats become adult. The production value of the formats rises and also the story lines get better.

Another aspect of this process is the development of web fiction formats as a marketing tool for products. See Robotskin as an example:


I’m not sure how the web audience reacts to this kind of product placement but at least the idea of a “Pflege-Roboter” is quite special.