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I don’t know if we can but at least now there’s hope.

Listen to the clip without the picture, thereby it even get’s more scary.

Via Blowup.

Just a quick tip for two online video awards. The Berlin short film festival interfilm announces the first international viral video award, deadline is September 19th.

Secondly there are the 2008 vj awards for journalistic online video hostet by the german federal tv station ZDF, submissions are closing October 15th.

Weezer’s music video for their new single Pork and Beans fetures lots of YouTube Stars like Chris Chrocker, the CokeMentos guys or Miss Teen South Carolina.

A quick one today: SpikeJonzeSlowmoSkateboardMadness!

DirectLink. Via Eternal Gaze.

Nice Viral for the new Fifa Street 3 game, which heavily stands in the tradition of “Touch of gold” and “Hauch von Gold”. I like to see this self-refrential stuff coming up on YouTube lately.

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A nice Mac vs. PC parody. There are already four episodes but I like the first one most.

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video vortex at club 11 (by anne helmond)

all the fantastic photos in this entry were taken by Anne Helmond - thanks a lot!
You can also visit the Institute of Network Cultures flickr set of all Video vortex events.

On a rainy morning in Amsterdam (that demanded lots of coffee!), the Video Vortex - Responses to YouTube Conference was kicked off at Club 11. I will be blogging on the conference for movingweb, but I was also there because I have been involved with the project through my work at the Netherlands Media Art Institute where we made an exhibition with the same title and related topics. Well, the program of the conference is quite extensive, and I was very disappointed by some of the presentations today (that seemed unprepared, unfocused, had nothing new to say…a total contrast with the first Video Vortex conference in Brussels!). So I will focus on the gems of today’s presentations!


Interesting hybrid of an advertisement and a shortfilm. Martin Scorsese with a Hommage to Alfred Hitchcock.

The Video is an interesting mixture of the actual shortfilm-ad and a fake-documentary of Scorsese talking about how he found a lost Hitchcock script.

Also see the website for the campaign: ScorseseFilmFreixenet

Next example in our series of “Audience Reaction Shots” (after this one) is the viral ad for the spanish movie [Rec].

Dailymotion DirectLink.

While the viral is pretty good, the movie actually seems to be a pretty lame Zombie Flick/ Blair Witch hybrid. See the trailer here.

Via Brainwash.

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Art made for - and only available on - the peer to peer networks.
The original artwork is first shared by the artist until one other user has downloaded it.
After that the artwork will be available for as long as other users share it.


The original file and all the material used to create it are deleted by the artist.

”There’s no original”

P2P Art is an artproject from Swedish artist and filmmaker Anders Weberg.

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