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moonwalk4evers was conceived, designed and built in less than 2 weeks by group 94’s Studio Brussel.

The site received a couple of kilometres of user (fan)-contributed content in a really short time.


The music video for the song ‘Alice’, an electronic piece of which 90% is composed using sounds recorded from the Disney film ‘Alice In Wonderland’. Go to to check it out.

I started a new little side-project: TechnoPoeticalBeauty (please join me!). I started to use Vimeo quite heavily in the last weeks. It was striking to me that there are lot’s of videos on the side which have similar aesthetics and therefore could be described as a new genre of online video. These videos meet the following criteria:

1. Shot in HD
2. objects in the videos are often nature or everyday life
3. filmed with a 35mm adapter
4. heavy color correction
5. slow-motion
6. emotional soundtrack

I’ll give you some examples:

This is the group description:

When I see all these crisp&clear HD videos on Vimeo these days, shot with a 35mm adapter, heavily color corrected in post pro and combined with an emotional soundtrack, two feelings touch my soul:

On the one hand these technically perfect executed videos feel somehow vacuous, pure surface, to perfect to be true.

But on the other hand, lots of them speak to me through the power of the image - there’s a raw&simple poetry in them that really moves me.

I’d like to collect videos in this group which hit this thin line between technology and beauty and talk about them.

Please join the group and the discussion!

Lot’s of things happening at YouTube these days. You probably noticed that they changed the player to 16:9 a few days ago. While this was already a serious improvement, the anouncement of HD quality videos definatly made my day. Don’t confuse this with “watch the videos in higher quality”, which is already available on YT for some weeks now. Now you have “watch it in HD” on some videos, which is a full 1260×720 2Mbit h264 stream! Check the comparison screen shots from “Where the Hell is Matt?”

YouTube SD

YouTube HD

See it in Fullscreen… Wow! Seems like YouTube now offers the second best quality of all online video uploaders after Facebook. (See a comparison list at TechVideo). Only disappointment is that you can’t decide when uploading if your video will be available in HD, or did I get that wrong?

I don’t know if we can but at least now there’s hope.

Listen to the clip without the picture, thereby it even get’s more scary.

Via Blowup. is the latest edition of the video-based IKEA-Microsites - and once again it’s well worth a visit! After the heavy use of Slow Motion, Zoom and 360°-VR, they now focus on the acoustic element of (somewhat) interactive video: Videosclips of dancing people (in garderoben obviously) get fast forwarded/rewinded according to the audio level. And when the music is over (or during rhythm breaks), they lay down on the floor…

To make things more fun, users can upload audio files from their harddrive to make the dancers in the website move to their own music :)

Just a quick tip for two online video awards. The Berlin short film festival interfilm announces the first international viral video award, deadline is September 19th.

Secondly there are the 2008 vj awards for journalistic online video hostet by the german federal tv station ZDF, submissions are closing October 15th.

Time is moving fast on the net. The medium changes so fast, that it already has lived through several transitions. For example, can you still remember how the Internet was before YouTube? When was that? Back in the 90ies? Of course not, YouTube went online on february 15th, 2005, so that’s 3 years only!!! Moreover, look at YouTube itself, haven’t there even been several generations of the platform in this short time?

But what role do time and temporality play in a medium like YouTube, when every second 10 hours of video footage is uploaded? You always see a very moment of the history of YouTube, symbolized through the “videos beeing watched right now” feature on the front page.

As the platform is changing it’s content so fast, it’s very hard to witness changes, e.g. the development of certain genres or the influences of videos onto each other. A software mashup called TimeTube tries to make the history of YouTube visible.

When you type in a keyword, the software shows you temporal relations between videos tagged with this word. Although, TimeTube is still missing lots of relations, you can use it to make some interesting observations. I typed in “dove evolution”, a very successful viral, which entailed numerous mashups, remakes and video answers. Through TimeTube I learned that it took 5 month until the first prominent remake (slob evolution) was released. I made another interesting observation on the “lifetime” of YouTube videos. “Dove Evolution” was release on October 6th, 2006. Most of the mashups and remakes were born between month 6-12 after the first release, but there are still reaction to the video after 1,5 years right now.

Ok, so go to TimeTube and become a YouTube historian yourself!

Mashups havent been on my radius so much in the past, by I’m getting into it lately.

The point about mashups is the old story of found footage. If you want to reach a certain level of complexity you need to get to know the material in detail. There seems to be a serious potential in political mashups because there are quite some foundations layed. First, there is a good amount of material available. Second, the material offers a certain density. That results in complex structure of rearanging and quoting.

…check Political Remix Video.

…and if your interested in Sampling Culture check Lev Manovich.

passepartout! (by Anne Helmond)

…and once again, all the great photos in this entry are made by the very talented Anne Helmond!

And on yet another rainy morning in Amsterdam (not surprising, you get used to it after a while!), full of curiosity and hopes for the day, I went to the second day of the Video Vortex - Responses to YouTube conference. I was hoping that today would be more fruitful than yesterday, and indeed, what a pleasant surprise! Well, call me selfish, but instead of giving a general overview I will focus on the session that was the most interesting for me personally: Curating Online Video.


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