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The project accompanies writers, which show places in Berlin, where there novels take place. Well, that’s definitely a nice idea. I was curious, how the assembly of text and image, of the two contradictory mediums, would work. Although it was quite interesting to listen to the little anecdotes about Berlin (especially as I’m living in the city myself), something was missing… After watching three of the pieces, it struck me: there was no connection between the literary texts and the places. While the texts had atmosphere and mystery the pictures where shouting at me with digital/colorful reality, no staging at all.

Thanks to Mirko for the tip.

passepartout! (by Anne Helmond)

…and once again, all the great photos in this entry are made by the very talented Anne Helmond!

And on yet another rainy morning in Amsterdam (not surprising, you get used to it after a while!), full of curiosity and hopes for the day, I went to the second day of the Video Vortex - Responses to YouTube conference. I was hoping that today would be more fruitful than yesterday, and indeed, what a pleasant surprise! Well, call me selfish, but instead of giving a general overview I will focus on the session that was the most interesting for me personally: Curating Online Video.



video vortex at club 11 (by anne helmond)

all the fantastic photos in this entry were taken by Anne Helmond - thanks a lot!
You can also visit the Institute of Network Cultures flickr set of all Video vortex events.

On a rainy morning in Amsterdam (that demanded lots of coffee!), the Video Vortex - Responses to YouTube Conference was kicked off at Club 11. I will be blogging on the conference for movingweb, but I was also there because I have been involved with the project through my work at the Netherlands Media Art Institute where we made an exhibition with the same title and related topics. Well, the program of the conference is quite extensive, and I was very disappointed by some of the presentations today (that seemed unprepared, unfocused, had nothing new to say…a total contrast with the first Video Vortex conference in Brussels!). So I will focus on the gems of today’s presentations!



Some days ago I met Christoph Pohl, who did the project guteMedien TAXI this summer. He did a journey through Europe, searching for artists and interviewing them. It’s another very interesting web documentary format. Check it out!


The second part of the Video Vortex Conference initialized by the Institute of Network Cultures will take place on January 18th and 19th in Amsterdam. Registration has opened!

In response to the increasing potential for video to become a significant form of personal media on the Internet, this conference examines the key issues that are emerging around the independent production and distribution of online video content. What are artists and activists responses to the popularity of user-generated content websites? Is corporate backlash imminent?

After years of talk about digital conversions and crossmedia platforms we are now witnessing the merger of the Internet and television at a pace that no one predicted. For the baby boom generation, that currently forms the film and television establishment, the media organisations and conglomerates, this unfolds as a complete nightmare. Not only because of copyright issues but increasingly due to the shift of audience to vlogging and video-sharing websites as part of the development of a broader participatory culture.



Well, I hope that nobody is under the impression that we are trying to go commercial here! This is about being in love with media arts, and if there’s an organization that deserves your support, it’s! And it’s not about donation, it’s a membership.

“Founded in 1996, Rhizome is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology. Through open platforms for exchange and collaboration, our website serves to encourage and expand the international communities evolving these practices. Our programs, many of which happen online, include commissions, exhibitions, events, discussion, archives and portfolios. We support artists working at the furthest reaches of technological experimentation as well as those responding to the broader aesthetic and political implications of new tools and media. Our organizational voice draws attention to artists, their work, their perspectives and the complex interrelationships between technology, art and culture.”

Support rhizome!

“The video sets out to amplify the message of the song.
The piece was conceived and created by The Rumpus Room as a multi platform project, having versions of the film for small hand held devices as well as large resolution screens. It is both a traditional piece of film and an interactive portal to online information and campaigns.

The video has over 100 QR Codes that are subliminal when watched in real time, but accessible to interact with if you navigate through the film using time controllers. The QR Codes are organised into sections that relate to specific issues of civil liberties.”

Visit the Pet Shop Boys Website for more information. The Production Company The Rumpus Room is a new division of The Sweet Shop, specialized in non-narrative Storytelling. Sounds interesting? Read an interview with Tomas Rope, founder of Tomato Interactive, and now involved in Rumpus Room, in the german culture magazine Spex. (german only)

Mashable has put together a massive list of online media tools from which 150+ are connected to video usage. Categories include Online Video Communcation, Online Video Editors, Online Video Converters, Video Hosting, Mobile Video Apps and many more!


YouTube VideoMixer lets you remix your own Video and Images as well as material from youTube - well done Flex/Flash9-App with a rather functional interface and good flv-export.


Surprisingly, the new Mobile (Handy) Version of YouTube comes in dark grey and features not flv but streaming .3gp Videos (besides a slimmed down interface)


Nokia Trend Lab is a new platform for progressive ideas using mobile media in the creative process. Nokia wants to support new formats in mobile communication to push the boundaries of the technology. The site is in beta status, but shows already some interesting project. Important information: You can submit an own project to participate.


Link found at the new Bewegungsmelder!

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