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This documentation presents some pretty interesting opinions on where art is heading in the future. It was produced by Gabriel Shalom and Patricia Kommerell of ks12 at the Transmediale exhibition in Berlin. They crowdfund the project, and as their are only to more days left the project is way under it’s financiation goal.

Please support this project now!

What are the defining aesthetics of art in the networked era? How is mass collaboration changing notions of ownership of art? How does micro-patronage change the way artists produce and distribute artwork? “The Future of Art” begins a conversation on these topics and invites your participation.

Fred Violas artistic website shows his voice art in different multichannel video arangements. It’s really not explainable, go check it out yourself - it’s so unique and impressive!


Ok, today I have challenge for you:


Try watching John Cage’s masterpiece 4,33 (in full orchestral version!) without doing anything else!

Question is: How does it feel different to experience a concert in a concert hall than on a tv screen than on YouTube? I really had to force myself to concentrate on the piece.

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“The Digital Artists Handbook is an up to date, reliable and accessible source of information that introduces you to different tools, resources and ways of working related to digital art.

The goal of the Handbook is to be a signpost, a source of practical information and content that bridges the gap between new users and the platforms and resources that are available, but not always very accessible. The Handbook will be slowly filled with articles written by invited artists and specialists, talking about their tools and ways of working. Some articles are introductions to tools, others are descriptions of methodologies, concepts and technologies.

When discussing software, the focus of this Handbook is on Free/Libre Open Source Software. The Handbook aims to give artists information about the available tools but also about the practicalities related to Free Software and Open Content, such as collaborative development and licenses. All this to facilitate exchange between artists, to take away some of the fears when it comes to open content licenses, sharing code, and to give a perspective on various ways of working and collaborating.

The digital artist handbook is brought to you by folly and has developed out of ongoing consultation with artists working with technology, which has shown a need for removing the barriers for artists to use digital tools. The project is supported by Arts Council England.

From August 2007 until January 2008, the editors of the Handbook were Marloes de Valk and Aymeric Mansoux of GOTO10. “

Last weekend Amsterdam attracted many sound artists and scholars from all over the world who wanted to attend the Sonic Acts Festival. This year’s theme was “The Cinematic Experience”. Although I was in fact only able to attend very little of the Sonic Acts conference, I will try to sum up what was most interesting for me…

audience at sonic acts conference, image taken from (and i am in there too, who can find me?)

The session I attended was entitled ‘Interactivity and Immersion’ with presentations by Jeffrey Shaw and Marnix de Nijs. weiter…


I’m agreeing with Alain that Standard Time was the best project at the Transmediale 08. While the installation itself was very impressing you really get a feeling about the project when you browse the website. D’ont miss the Visions and get some Impressions.

“70 workers are building a wooden 4 x 12 m “digital” time display in real time: a work that involves 1611 changes within 24 hour period.

The spectator looking at Standard Time does not only see the time, but also people constructing it. People who, with a stoic sense of duty, are wasting time on an apparently useless activity that fulfills only one function: to display time.”

A project by Mark Formanek and the awesome guys from Datenstrudel!


Sonic Acts XII takes place between 21 - 24 February 2008 in Amsterdam. The twelfth edition of this festival is devoted to The Cinematic Experience and includes an international conference, a wide range of concerts and performances, an exhibition and a diverse programme of films. The 2008 edition promises a comprehensive overview of the cinematic experience. Recent technological developments in digitalisation, higher-definition imagary and sound, ever-faster communication networks and new types of portable video players make it necessary to re-address the question of what cinema actually is. Developments such as experiential spaces, immersion and sublimation in contemporary music and visual arts add to the urgency of this question.



From the 30.01.-03.03.2008 the TRANSMEDIALE Media Art Exhibtion is taking place here in Berlin.

“Under the theme CONSPIRE… transmediale.08 aims to hear from a broad range of artists, media activists and academics working within the realms of digital art and culture in ways which may be read as elaborating upon and challenging our understanding of collaborative and network practice. As such transmediale.08 looks to the cross-disciplinary tinkerers, utopian spelunkers, conspiratorial hoaxsters and stealth tacticians who question, subvert, undermine and bypass the unspoken rules, hidden codes of conduct and assumed truths entrenched within our information driven communication cultures and ideological belief structures.

By exploring subversive artistic methodologies and developing (counter-) conspiratorial strategies to uncover new forms of expression and digital discourse CONSPIRE… will attempt to enter the increasingly prevalent yet ambiguous worlds of network induced narratives, cryptic environments and speculative inquiry.”


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There`s a documentary about the works of Bill Viola made by Mark Kidel up on Joox. Go check it out!

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Sonic Acts XII - the Cinematic Experience is a festival/conference, taking place in Amsterdam from 21-24 of february 2008. Besides a conference, screenings, performances and an exhibition they’ll have a publication which has an interview with me in it!


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