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Fred Violas artistic website shows his voice art in different multichannel video arangements. It’s really not explainable, go check it out yourself - it’s so unique and impressive!



The music video for the song ‘Alice’, an electronic piece of which 90% is composed using sounds recorded from the Disney film ‘Alice In Wonderland’. Go to to check it out.

Lot’s of things happening at YouTube these days. You probably noticed that they changed the player to 16:9 a few days ago. While this was already a serious improvement, the anouncement of HD quality videos definatly made my day. Don’t confuse this with “watch the videos in higher quality”, which is already available on YT for some weeks now. Now you have “watch it in HD” on some videos, which is a full 1260×720 2Mbit h264 stream! Check the comparison screen shots from “Where the Hell is Matt?”

YouTube SD

YouTube HD

See it in Fullscreen… Wow! Seems like YouTube now offers the second best quality of all online video uploaders after Facebook. (See a comparison list at TechVideo). Only disappointment is that you can’t decide when uploading if your video will be available in HD, or did I get that wrong?

I’ve stumbled upon a list of Multimedia Storytelling projects over at ISO800, you should check it out.
Toky Stories combines videos, panoramic photos and articles to a intense portrait of the city of Tokyo:

Life Unbarred is a portrait of rape convicted man who came out of prison after 18 years, when DNA evidence proved him to be not guilty. YOu first watch the video an then get access to all the material used for the edit like interviews, court coverage etc.

Nils is waiting… you can watch him live… and communicate with him… while he is still waiting…for the new german IKEA catalogue. Very nice integration of fullscreen flash website, live video streams, twitter and old-fashioned phonecalls by german agency Nordpol.


Swedish post production company Stopp has a very clean and intuitive full screen video website. I think that you’ll see many of these overlay-interfaces in the near future, because they’ll look very nice on your flat tv, too. :-)

via Pickone.

This is going to be big! Interactive 360° digital video technology!
The camera system has been developed by Immersive Media , it’s eleven CCD 1/3″ sensors in a modular dodecahedral array.


Music Videos surely have come a long way since MTV first aired with ”Video killed the Radio Star“ on August 1st, 1981.
Thorsten Konrad’s diploma at the School of Arts and Design Bremen integrates information from websites like google, geonames or flickr in real time into the video Take this Dance by german rockband All Joines.

Take this dance

Besides showing the ‘musicvideo’, the website also a couple of features Making-Ofs and additional information.


This is how simple but atmospheric video webdesign should be! IKEA introduces us to different people’s life with a short movie featuring some impressions of their hectic work day and afterwords invites us to their bedroom in slowmotion - “You need a quiet place” is a new community for web video creatives. Very nice design and good performance. I like the idea of the integrated quality control. Every uploaded work stays on the site for one week. If it doesn’t get a public voting of 4 out of 10 points, the work gets deleted.


“At Houyhnhnms we have decided to go for a thrilling opportunity:
Create a community of creators with TV format.
A television which grows directly on inspiration.
A place to experiment new concepts for a new audiovisual market.
An environment to share the most authentic audiovisual dreams, with no need for intermediaries.”

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