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Just a quick tip for two online video awards. The Berlin short film festival interfilm announces the first international viral video award, deadline is September 19th.

Secondly there are the 2008 vj awards for journalistic online video hostet by the german federal tv station ZDF, submissions are closing October 15th.

Republica 08 is already over for some days but I’d like to point a interesting panel out to you guys. The panel was entitled “The same production as every year - Media Aid 2.x”. The speakers introduced some interesting programs and gave some remarks on how to apply.


The MEDIA program of the European Union has a budget for interactive projects. Depending on your project you can get up to 100k €.


Local Aid institutions like The Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg have programs for digital content, too. As their program is in a test run right now, you won’t find any information on their website about it. If you’re interested in the program you can contact the responsible referent Rangeen Kathrina Horami.

I left the panel with hybrid feelings. The idea of gonvernmental aid for interactive content sounds very compelling in the first moment. One important aspects of the issue cool down my enthusiam. First, those programs are always an economic aid, not a cultural aid. Therefore, every submitted project needs a business plan. But would’nt it be great to develop new ways of interactive storytelling without economical bonds? I give you an example: The new webisode genre is desperately searching for new ways of financiation. Right now, product placement seems to be the most profitable method but it’s restricting narration heavily if you have to show a sponsor’s car quite often. Would’nt it be nice to experiment with interactive storytelling to push the boundaries of the genre? Therefore, a cultureal aid would help much more than an economical aid.

Anyway, media aid for digital content is a new possibility of financiation I’ll keep an eye on! Do you guys have any experiences with such programs? If so, please share them!


Republica 08 is a conference on web culture and politics, taking place in Berlin from 02.-04. of April 2008. On Friday the 4th they are having a sub-conference on web video. Subjects range from the political aspects of web video communication, Creative Commons, Webisodes, to Open Video Foundations and Web Video Funding possibilities.

I’lll be there, so if you’re around catch me for a chat.


Sonic Acts XII takes place between 21 - 24 February 2008 in Amsterdam. The twelfth edition of this festival is devoted to The Cinematic Experience and includes an international conference, a wide range of concerts and performances, an exhibition and a diverse programme of films. The 2008 edition promises a comprehensive overview of the cinematic experience. Recent technological developments in digitalisation, higher-definition imagary and sound, ever-faster communication networks and new types of portable video players make it necessary to re-address the question of what cinema actually is. Developments such as experiential spaces, immersion and sublimation in contemporary music and visual arts add to the urgency of this question.



From the 30.01.-03.03.2008 the TRANSMEDIALE Media Art Exhibtion is taking place here in Berlin.

“Under the theme CONSPIRE… transmediale.08 aims to hear from a broad range of artists, media activists and academics working within the realms of digital art and culture in ways which may be read as elaborating upon and challenging our understanding of collaborative and network practice. As such transmediale.08 looks to the cross-disciplinary tinkerers, utopian spelunkers, conspiratorial hoaxsters and stealth tacticians who question, subvert, undermine and bypass the unspoken rules, hidden codes of conduct and assumed truths entrenched within our information driven communication cultures and ideological belief structures.

By exploring subversive artistic methodologies and developing (counter-) conspiratorial strategies to uncover new forms of expression and digital discourse CONSPIRE… will attempt to enter the increasingly prevalent yet ambiguous worlds of network induced narratives, cryptic environments and speculative inquiry.”


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Sonic Acts XII - the Cinematic Experience is a festival/conference, taking place in Amsterdam from 21-24 of february 2008. Besides a conference, screenings, performances and an exhibition they’ll have a publication which has an interview with me in it!


passepartout! (by Anne Helmond)

…and once again, all the great photos in this entry are made by the very talented Anne Helmond!

And on yet another rainy morning in Amsterdam (not surprising, you get used to it after a while!), full of curiosity and hopes for the day, I went to the second day of the Video Vortex - Responses to YouTube conference. I was hoping that today would be more fruitful than yesterday, and indeed, what a pleasant surprise! Well, call me selfish, but instead of giving a general overview I will focus on the session that was the most interesting for me personally: Curating Online Video.



video vortex at club 11 (by anne helmond)

all the fantastic photos in this entry were taken by Anne Helmond - thanks a lot!
You can also visit the Institute of Network Cultures flickr set of all Video vortex events.

On a rainy morning in Amsterdam (that demanded lots of coffee!), the Video Vortex - Responses to YouTube Conference was kicked off at Club 11. I will be blogging on the conference for movingweb, but I was also there because I have been involved with the project through my work at the Netherlands Media Art Institute where we made an exhibition with the same title and related topics. Well, the program of the conference is quite extensive, and I was very disappointed by some of the presentations today (that seemed unprepared, unfocused, had nothing new to say…a total contrast with the first Video Vortex conference in Brussels!). So I will focus on the gems of today’s presentations!


A little reminder for you all that the Video Vortex 2 conference is starting this friday. If you’re able to get to Amsterdam to attend the conference (see the program here) or visit the exhibition.


I`m really sad that I can’t be there but our editor Malka will give us a detailed backstage coverage after the conference.

Videopark Broll Call for video:


Galerie Helga Broll, Lodypop and Videopark invite you to submit work for a 3-day mini-festival in 2008 in Basel. Your work will be screened at the cinema «Club» and at Lodypop, and will be part of an online exhibition on the website «Video Park Broll».
Videopark is an independent online video gallery project initiated by Jan Voellmy. Galerie Helga Broll stands for works that are collaboratively provocative, for the production of visual discussions and joint presentations. Lodypop stands as an art space for “performance without pressure” and “projects without panic”. / /


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