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Lernert&Sander are two directors/artists from Amsterdam, Netherlands, whose work I adore and follow for years. They have done two documentary web series, which were commissioned my in dutch language. Some of the clips have been subtitled in english lately, check them all out on their Vimeo-Page!

‘How to explain it to your parents?’ is a documentary series in which 9 abstract artists explain to their mom and dad what their work is all about.

“The Procrastinators” are monologues about procrastination. Artists, writers and filmmakers tell about concentration, focus and the fine art of wasting their time.

It has been a little quite at FOLGE, the beautiful and intelligent video interview magazine, in the last month. This december FOLGE returns with a massive update of 4 interviews.


The new Interview partners come from such different backgrounds as writing, architecture, chocolate manifacturing and vegetable dealing. This diversity is one of the attributes which make FOLGE so special.

by Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug

9 episode documentary series in which artists of abstract work explain to their parents
where its all about.

episode 1:
Fantastic artist Arno Coenen talks to his father about the Eurotrash beer he developed for an art museum.

Germany’s cultural tv program dctp of Alexander Kluge is online!


Die Seite ist zwar technologisch ziemlich rückständig (keine deep-links, kein embedding, uuah!) , aber ich bin trotzdem unendlich dankbar, dass man viele Perlen der deutschen TV-Kultur jetzt online sehen kann. Gelungen finde ich den Ansatz, die Beiträge zu Themen wie Krieg oder Finanzkrise in Sammlungen zusammen zu stellen.

Mein Tipp für den Einstieg: ‘Das Weichziel ist der Mensch’ in der Sammlung ‘Krieg ist das Ende aller Pläne’.

“Oberstleutnant Sanftleben über Grundsatzfragen und Erfahrungswerte im Umgang zwischen Truppe und Öffentlichkeit.”


Good editorial web video often works with a simple and authentic idea - 50 People, One Question by Benjamn Reece most definately falls into this category. Moreover it comes with beautiful cinematography.

See the NY, Brooklyn and London edition in the Vimeo channel. If you’d like to know more about the cinematography of the videos check this Blog entry.

I’ve stumbled upon a list of Multimedia Storytelling projects over at ISO800, you should check it out.
Toky Stories combines videos, panoramic photos and articles to a intense portrait of the city of Tokyo:

Life Unbarred is a portrait of rape convicted man who came out of prison after 18 years, when DNA evidence proved him to be not guilty. YOu first watch the video an then get access to all the material used for the edit like interviews, court coverage etc. is an online interview magazine focussed on interviews with international filmmakers. It is our aim to provide exclusive video interviews with internationally known filmmakers concentrating on a special subject.”

Nils is waiting… you can watch him live… and communicate with him… while he is still waiting…for the new german IKEA catalogue. Very nice integration of fullscreen flash website, live video streams, twitter and old-fashioned phonecalls by german agency Nordpol.

Nice Video-Campaign for Samsung Mobiles.

At the of each youTube Video you get to choose what the main character should do next. Every decision leads to a different storytwist (= new youTube Video).

Skid Row is a mini series of 5 parts on the homeless people living in the L.A. area with the same name. The series was developed by Sam Slovick and is produced by Good magazine.

YouTube DirectLink.

I think Skid Row is an example where webvideo can go. The series has a good production value because of it’s emotional soundtrack and the clever usage of animations. It has a very subjective appeal by introducing us to the issue through Slovick’s voice over thoughts. All in all, it’s very entertaining and informative at the same time.

Also check out Good magazine., they understand where the future of online/offline media mixture is heading:

“While so much of today’s media is taking up our space, dumbing us down, and impeding our productivity, GOOD exists to add value. Through a print magazine, feature and documentary films, original multimedia content and local events, GOOD is providing a platform for the ideas, people, and businesses that are driving change in the world.”