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Have you asked yourself this question before? Just 6 years after it’s birth online video is one of the major communication forms of internet culture. But what distinguishes video on the World Wide Web from other media like tv, video (art) or film? Which genuine forms and genres evolve on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo & Co? As I’m racking my brain about these questions in the preparations for my phd on ‘Aesthetics of Web Video’ I thought I do a small survery to hear what others think about the issue and to start a discussion. Of course I’m going to share the results, so please spare 5 minutes of your time and take part!


While web videos need one strong idea, music videos and commercials sometimes even need just one strong image. Martin de Thurah’s videos are filled with tons of unique and emotional images, and although he articulates most of his ideas on the scenographic level, his videos never get superficial because he always holds a very human atmoshpere.

See his absolutely stunning video for the new Fever Ray single:

See his other pieces here and read an interview there.

This is already a couple of months old but well worth a look: An 8 minute Short Movie by Johannes Brueckner about the progress and problems of globalisation. Bar & line graphs on world maps, formed by real people become realtime-animated ‘living’ infographics.

English version and german version available on youTube

One theme. Twenty films. One-hundred and twenty seconds a piece. Twenty 120

Truly a world of it’s own, Björk’s new video Wanderlust, directed by Encyclopedia Pictura. The shooting took 9 month, there is a 3d and a 2d version of it.


See the 2d video in high quality here.

For more info watch a NY Times Interview or the Making of.

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Transmediale is over and has been as always an inspiring experience! One of the most exciting events was the Generator.x project. It’s a project of Marius Watz which deals with the role of software and code in current art and design. The had a very atmospheric performance night, moreover a workshop and an exhibtion. Learn everything about the project on the website or watch the short videofeature I shot.



PROLOGUE, the world’s first adress for title design finally has a website!

Did not post any Motion Graphic Projects for a long time, but this one has to be spread!
Noah Harris does the beuatiful on air design for E4.


Amazing combination of RealAction, Stop Motion and CGI. What I truly adore is the feeling of non-perfection which gives the idents a very authentic but playful atmosphere.

We Feel Fine is an artwork by Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar, and it is truly worth exploring!

It is a huge database that collects ‘human emotions’, or one could better say expressions of human emotions, from weblogs all over the world. Every time the sentences “I feel” or “I am feeling” appear in a blog entry, the emotion (sad, happy, etc.) is identified by the system and saved along with all sorts of other data, for example the gender of the writer, his or her origin, even the local weather conditions. This is possible because blogs are largely constructed in standard ways.



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