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While web videos need one strong idea, music videos and commercials sometimes even need just one strong image. Martin de Thurah’s videos are filled with tons of unique and emotional images, and although he articulates most of his ideas on the scenographic level, his videos never get superficial because he always holds a very human atmoshpere.

See his absolutely stunning video for the new Fever Ray single:

See his other pieces here and read an interview there.

Fullscreen-video Advertising-Campaign Website for Converse. Made me smile a couple of times…

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Nils is waiting… you can watch him live… and communicate with him… while he is still waiting…for the new german IKEA catalogue. Very nice integration of fullscreen flash website, live video streams, twitter and old-fashioned phonecalls by german agency Nordpol.

Nice Video-Campaign for Samsung Mobiles.

At the of each youTube Video you get to choose what the main character should do next. Every decision leads to a different storytwist (= new youTube Video). is the latest edition of the video-based IKEA-Microsites - and once again it’s well worth a visit! After the heavy use of Slow Motion, Zoom and 360°-VR, they now focus on the acoustic element of (somewhat) interactive video: Videosclips of dancing people (in garderoben obviously) get fast forwarded/rewinded according to the audio level. And when the music is over (or during rhythm breaks), they lay down on the floor…

To make things more fun, users can upload audio files from their harddrive to make the dancers in the website move to their own music :)

A quick one today: SpikeJonzeSlowmoSkateboardMadness!

DirectLink. Via Eternal Gaze.


This is how simple but atmospheric video webdesign should be! IKEA introduces us to different people’s life with a short movie featuring some impressions of their hectic work day and afterwords invites us to their bedroom in slowmotion - “You need a quiet place”

Did not post any Motion Graphic Projects for a long time, but this one has to be spread!
Noah Harris does the beuatiful on air design for E4.


Amazing combination of RealAction, Stop Motion and CGI. What I truly adore is the feeling of non-perfection which gives the idents a very authentic but playful atmosphere.

Interesting hybrid of an advertisement and a shortfilm. Martin Scorsese with a Hommage to Alfred Hitchcock.

The Video is an interesting mixture of the actual shortfilm-ad and a fake-documentary of Scorsese talking about how he found a lost Hitchcock script.

Also see the website for the campaign: ScorseseFilmFreixenet

As Chris from NewTeevee notes, it’s seems like a weird idea, to run a web tv station that only shows commercials. Well, at first there might be some usage for Firebrand for people from the ad industry to stay up to date. For other audiences I’m sceptical. Here in Germany commercials have a rather negative image, but I assume in the U.S. viewers haven’t so much reservations to consume ads as enterainment.


Still, it sounds really strange to me when I read their manifesto:
“We submit, with rare exception, that they’re the best stuff on TV. In under a minute you get the best diirectors, the sickest special effects, the funniest writers - what is not to love?”

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