“Tell the Story” - Narrative Web Sites (Part 1)

The first part of three articles on Storytelling on the Web explores some poosible reasons why storytelling could become more important with the spreading of moving content on the Internet.

Emotion or Information ? - Video Stories on Car-Microsites

Car Marketing on the one hand has to transfer an emotional image of the brand, but on the other hand has to promote technical details of the product. This article observes how stories on video websites can integrate both goals.

Top13 Vimeo Videos of 2009

Enough talking, here’s my top thirteen list of VIMEO videos 2009 in no particular order (I’ve seen probably 1000 or more videos this year, so every piece on this list is a must see):

Curating the Web - Putting Web Video into context

Film in the Post Media Age
XIII International Film and Media Studies Conference in Transylvania
Sapienta Hungarian University of Transylvania
Cluj-Napoca, 22./23.10.10

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