about movingweb.
moving web is a place to share thoughts about all forms of moving content on the web. As bandwidth keeps growing, the internet will converge with the moving media: film, tv & video.
Therefore the Internet as a textbased information medium seems to be the past - moving web explores the future possibilities of the internet as a more immersive entertainment medium.

We choose a rather broadly based perspective on the theme of motion on the web: Flash Video, Mobile Web, WebTV, Viral Video, Interactive Narration - all these phenomena are discussed with the emphasis on how moving content will change the web.

the articles.

Besides the daily posts there will be some deeper obrservations on various moving subjects in the articles section. If you are interested in writing an article for moving web, get in touch with us.

the people.
moving web is a project of Berlin based CrossMediaDirector Simon Ruschmeyer - working on the interface between classical moving media (film/video) and new interactive forms (web/media art). For more information and project inquiries see his website www.ruschmeyer.org.

Thanks to David Hoffmann for setting up the blog.

so get moving!
Blogging is about exchange. If you are interested in participating as an author write us an email with a short summary of what you do and what are your interests in the moving web.

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