Have you asked yourself this question before? Just 6 years after it’s birth online video is one of the major communication forms of internet culture. But what distinguishes video on the World Wide Web from other media like tv, video (art) or film? Which genuine forms and genres evolve on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo & Co? As I’m racking my brain about these questions in the preparations for my phd on ‘Aesthetics of Web Video’ I thought I do a small survery to hear what others think about the issue and to start a discussion. Of course I’m going to share the results, so please spare 5 minutes of your time and take part!

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3 Responses to “What is Web Video? - The Survey!”

  1. Markus Huendgen Says:

    If you break it down, Webvideo is nothing more and nothing less than a state of mind. It has nothing to do with style, technical aspects, ways of producing oder even certain content. It all comes down to your motivation of producing moving pictures for the web.

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