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The internet is the dominant cultural memory of our time. Video hosting web sites like YouTube are cumulate enormous archives of moving images, nourishing the old story of the information overlaod. But indeed, structuring these archives is an important question, and besides technical developments in search algorhythms and semantics, the personal recommendation has become one of the most important organisation principles of web. Blogs, Playlists, Channels, Links and Likes have become important entry points, and as the archives of visual culture have become inexhaustible, access is no longer the paradigm but selection.


At this point the curator steps in and is confrontated with the new medium challeging his profession. Not only she herself has to find ways to discover the gems in this ocean of videos, but there are some demanding questions she has to deal with. First of all there are no proper terms for what categories of online video exist. On the internet the borders blur between commercial and private content, amateur and professional and there are no rules how to define their aesthetic qualities.

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