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Good editorial web video often works with a simple and authentic idea - 50 People, One Question by Benjamn Reece most definately falls into this category. Moreover it comes with beautiful cinematography.

See the NY, Brooklyn and London edition in the Vimeo channel. If you’d like to know more about the cinematography of the videos check this Blog entry.

As you probably noticed there was not much happening on MovingWeb lately. I was busy with my new job and lots of other interesting projects.


But guess what, that’s going to change! Starting today, MovingWeb is coming alive again with new energy and some little changes!

1.) Longer but fewer articles
I will still post some quick links but as I’m going to capture a more academic perspective in the future I’ll write longer posts to enroll some more elaborated thoughts.

2.) Now in Englisch and German
For these deeper thoughts I will switch to write in german language. I’ll try to include an english summary in every post, if you’re missing something, just send a comment.

3.) New Faces
MovingWeb will get more collaborative. I allready recruted two new authors and I’m in touch with one more. Some short cv’s will be up in the about section soon.