If any filmmaker needs encouragement to really follow his passion he should watch Werner Herzog eating his shoes, literally! Once Herzog proposed to his good friend Erol Morris, that if Morris would ever finish a film, he would eat his shoes. So when Morris released ‘Gates of Heaven’, Herzog ate his shoes in front of a student audience, to proove that filmmaking is an act of commitment. Moreover he had some good advice for the students: “If you want to do a camera, steal a camera.”

See the short film about the incident at NY Entertainment.

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4 Responses to “Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe”

  1. Yuptoyota Says:

    They don’t show him eating his shoes!!

  2. Angelica Says:

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  4. Talal Says:

    Katie - I remember your group of AP Art stdetnus, you were all one year ahead of me and I had heard of all the horror stories that went along with that room and Mr. P All I could think was, Oh crap, that’s gonna be me next year. I wonder how many times he’s gonna try and make me cry over a piece. Then I was crushed when I fould out he wouldn’t be my teacher. Though I did not mind having Mrs. Adams for a third year what-so-ever. I think what made my senior year so hard was watching Mrs. Adams trying to hold it together, trying to be strong, she lost her buddy, her partner in crime, someone I’m sure she saw as a friend and as a son. My heart broke a million times over for her because she meant so much to me and was my inspiration, my strong mentor. I never though I’d catch her crying.. but I did and I cried a lot that night because I knew what those tears were for. It was strange senior year not to have a group of girls giggling infront of the art room peeking into Mr. P.’s room (which I will NEVER admit to doing *cough*). I never had him for a teacher, but he impacted my life through those he did teach.

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