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Fullscreen-video Advertising-Campaign Website for Converse. Made me smile a couple of times…

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This is already a couple of months old but well worth a look: An 8 minute Short Movie by Johannes Brueckner about the progress and problems of globalisation. Bar & line graphs on world maps, formed by real people become realtime-animated ‘living’ infographics.

English version and german version available on youTube

Nils is waiting… you can watch him live… and communicate with him… while he is still waiting…for the new german IKEA catalogue. Very nice integration of fullscreen flash website, live video streams, twitter and old-fashioned phonecalls by german agency Nordpol.

Nice Video-Campaign for Samsung Mobiles.

At the of each youTube Video you get to choose what the main character should do next. Every decision leads to a different storytwist (= new youTube Video).

It’s sorta like Erik Natzke’s print works as moving image: Jonathan Caplin uses Flash Re.Drawwer to loop through the frames of a video, looking at the pixel colours and then plot’s the results to a ‘canvas’. After ‘grabbing’ each rendered frame as a BMP with ZinC, he reassembles the output in AfterEffects to n ew versions of the original video footage.

On his blog he shows some more experiments with processing and real time video redrawing :)

An artistic visualization video that extracts and compares words, in realtime, by decoding rss feeds of 3 different news websites. The text is then decomposed and separated according to words frequency. The resulting structure interacts in real-time with audio frequencies, being partially sequenced. Video patch sends back triggers to audio section, generating audio-video interaction feedbacks. Words extracted and decontextualized are constantly remixed in the patch, obtaining new meanings or creating a kind of subliminal messages. Everytime the patch runs, structures, camera movement and the latest news change, making it an unpredictable experience.

Created with VVVV, by Lanvideosource.