Archive for July, 2008 is the latest edition of the video-based IKEA-Microsites - and once again it’s well worth a visit! After the heavy use of Slow Motion, Zoom and 360°-VR, they now focus on the acoustic element of (somewhat) interactive video: Videosclips of dancing people (in garderoben obviously) get fast forwarded/rewinded according to the audio level. And when the music is over (or during rhythm breaks), they lay down on the floor…

To make things more fun, users can upload audio files from their harddrive to make the dancers in the website move to their own music :)

This piece is not moving in the sense of velocity but it moved me so deeply that I had to share it with you. A photo diary of an old man and his son. Like a gap in time. Both eternal and so ephemeral at the same time.

Days with my father.

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One theme. Twenty films. One-hundred and twenty seconds a piece. Twenty 120

Just a quick tip for two online video awards. The Berlin short film festival interfilm announces the first international viral video award, deadline is September 19th.

Secondly there are the 2008 vj awards for journalistic online video hostet by the german federal tv station ZDF, submissions are closing October 15th. - a GPS-based literature project on the net and on the streets of Berlin”

The project accompanies writers, which show places in Berlin, where there novels take place. Well, that’s definitely a nice idea. I was curious, how the assembly of text and image, of the two contradictory mediums, would work. Although it was quite interesting to listen to the little anecdotes about Berlin (especially as I’m living in the city myself), something was missing… After watching three of the pieces, it struck me: there was no connection between the literary texts and the places. While the texts had atmosphere and mystery the pictures where shouting at me with digital/colorful reality, no staging at all.

Thanks to Mirko for the tip.

“It’s such a sadness that you think you’ve seen a film on your fucking telephone… get real!”

Well, there’s no real argument in Lynch’s statement here, but I myself am wondering if films are working on a small screen. Has anyone already seen a short film or somethink else which was convenient to watch on a phone? Well, I’ll get back to you on that topic when I’ll get my IPhone :-)

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Via Projector Films.

“The nonprofit Tribeca Film Institute in New York is joining to create a digital marketplace for films and videos that have been stuck in archives with limited circulation or have been otherwise unavailable through conventional retail and Web outlets.”

Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? What’s really compelling, is that the service offers free of charge transfer from video to digital formats, and very cheap rates for film to digital transfers (approx. 672$ for a 90 minute feature). Moreover the producer/director can set the price for rental or dvd sales on Amazon.

But with all web distribution services the same question rises: How to spread the word on all these beautiful independent films and video works? Reframe tries to reach an educational and institutional audience, but also uses the power of social web functions, as users on the site can curate thematical collections and lists and share those with each other.

Visit the Reframecollection and read a detailed feature in the New York Times.

Great Band, great song, amazing video - simple as that!

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