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You see those animated illustration-videos quite often again these days, so here’s a very nice one for your viewing pleasures:

Blackbird from Thomas Frenzel on Vimeo.

“The Blackbird video is a music visualization project by Katja Schweiker and Thomas Frenzel. Both are working with an experimental approach on intermedia projects, striving for content generated designs.

This artwork was done for Michael Fakeschs audio-visual project called VIDOS—a collection of music visualizations based on Michaels latest album DOS. The video‘s design is based on visual samples that quote Michaels auditory style and mixes analog with digital elements—metaphors of the real and the immaterial. It‘s about trying and failure—trying to leave behind, trying to live in a forward-turned way, trying not to resign or surrender, trying to get aware.”

Greetings to Kai.

While MySpace TV is producing his own fictional content for quite a while, MySpace Germany only integrated content from other producers (e.g. Halt die Klappe) until now.


On May 19th the first exclusive web series from MySpace Germany is starting. It’s called “They call us CANDY GIRLS” and deals with the lives of four girls “between dancefloor, relationships, love, lies and the big city of Berlin”. Sounds like a Roommates Rip-off, right? There will be 20 episodes, 5 minutes each. Production company is Myself & Eye Entertainment GmbH, the series is directed by Miriam Dehne.

I’m really curious if a exclusive web series in Germany pays off. How many viewers will the format attract correlated to the production costs? MySpace Germany sees the investment as a test ballon. If they want to catch up with Germanies’ leading social network StudiVZ exclusive high quality content could be a way to achieve this goal.

Ok, today I have challenge for you:


Try watching John Cage’s masterpiece 4,33 (in full orchestral version!) without doing anything else!

Question is: How does it feel different to experience a concert in a concert hall than on a tv screen than on YouTube? I really had to force myself to concentrate on the piece.

via Hi-Res!

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Republica 08 is already over for some days but I’d like to point a interesting panel out to you guys. The panel was entitled “The same production as every year - Media Aid 2.x”. The speakers introduced some interesting programs and gave some remarks on how to apply.


The MEDIA program of the European Union has a budget for interactive projects. Depending on your project you can get up to 100k €.


Local Aid institutions like The Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg have programs for digital content, too. As their program is in a test run right now, you won’t find any information on their website about it. If you’re interested in the program you can contact the responsible referent Rangeen Kathrina Horami.

I left the panel with hybrid feelings. The idea of gonvernmental aid for interactive content sounds very compelling in the first moment. One important aspects of the issue cool down my enthusiam. First, those programs are always an economic aid, not a cultural aid. Therefore, every submitted project needs a business plan. But would’nt it be great to develop new ways of interactive storytelling without economical bonds? I give you an example: The new webisode genre is desperately searching for new ways of financiation. Right now, product placement seems to be the most profitable method but it’s restricting narration heavily if you have to show a sponsor’s car quite often. Would’nt it be nice to experiment with interactive storytelling to push the boundaries of the genre? Therefore, a cultureal aid would help much more than an economical aid.

Anyway, media aid for digital content is a new possibility of financiation I’ll keep an eye on! Do you guys have any experiences with such programs? If so, please share them!

Truly a world of it’s own, Björk’s new video Wanderlust, directed by Encyclopedia Pictura. The shooting took 9 month, there is a 3d and a 2d version of it.


See the 2d video in high quality here.

For more info watch a NY Times Interview or the Making of.

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