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Search-in-Video is powered by Viewdle, a video indexing platform that includes face-recognition technology for true, real-time and contextually-relevant appearances of people on screen. Find the right person, in the right clip, at the right moment.

A new way to search, Viewdle gets you from query to relevant clip in seconds. No more waiting for download or buffering to check the relevancy of returned results. No more irrelevant search results. No more searching for just “files” when you can narrow in on precise moments. Search-in-Video helps you find the information you need — fast”

via Diagonal Thoughts.

“In which form does the network data world manifest itself in our everyday life? What comes back from cyberspace into physical space? How do digital innovations influence our everyday actions?”

Aram Bartholl from Berlin asks some very interesting questions and answers them with intelligent and slightly ironic projects. See 1H as an example and all his other projects on his website.

“1H” from aram bartholl on Vimeo.

And thanks for this observation Aram: Marc Jenkins in Berlin?


Republica 08 is a conference on web culture and politics, taking place in Berlin from 02.-04. of April 2008. On Friday the 4th they are having a sub-conference on web video. Subjects range from the political aspects of web video communication, Creative Commons, Webisodes, to Open Video Foundations and Web Video Funding possibilities.

I’lll be there, so if you’re around catch me for a chat.

Kathleen Grace and Thom Woodley alias Dinosaur Diorama Productions, the creators of The Burg, have released their new web docu-comedy The All-For-Nots !

Interesting concept, as the musicians of the band are actors but still planning to become a real band. All the music is originally created by the band and the creators. I really enjoyed the first episode, the character scripting is very strong and unique.

Of course the series offers the whole package a social-networking-drama needs these days: They are prominantly featured on Bebo, all the characters have profiles and blogs.

“Come along on a rollicking roadtrip through America with the next great indie-rock-pop-punk-Americana band. Meet The All-For-Nots (or “AFN” as their true fans call them): Johnny, Caleb, Paul, and Shirley - four Brooklyn rebels whose epic quest is to bring the masses their own brand of rock ‘n roll (okay, and maybe to get famous in the process). Witness every kick-ass performance and every devastating setback as they blaze across our great nation in their clunky van.”

via NewTeeVee.

Skid Row is a mini series of 5 parts on the homeless people living in the L.A. area with the same name. The series was developed by Sam Slovick and is produced by Good magazine.

YouTube DirectLink.

I think Skid Row is an example where webvideo can go. The series has a good production value because of it’s emotional soundtrack and the clever usage of animations. It has a very subjective appeal by introducing us to the issue through Slovick’s voice over thoughts. All in all, it’s very entertaining and informative at the same time.

Also check out Good magazine., they understand where the future of online/offline media mixture is heading:

“While so much of today’s media is taking up our space, dumbing us down, and impeding our productivity, GOOD exists to add value. Through a print magazine, feature and documentary films, original multimedia content and local events, GOOD is providing a platform for the ideas, people, and businesses that are driving change in the world.”

A quick one today: SpikeJonzeSlowmoSkateboardMadness!

DirectLink. Via Eternal Gaze. offers video podcasts on all areas of contemporary visual culture, including graphic design and typography, product and furniture design, architecture, photography, art and more. creates a broad range of documentaries, interviews and features that introduce Gestalten related subjects alongside individuals, projects and companies that are vanguards of visual culture.”

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