Archive for December, 2007 is a new community for web video creatives. Very nice design and good performance. I like the idea of the integrated quality control. Every uploaded work stays on the site for one week. If it doesn’t get a public voting of 4 out of 10 points, the work gets deleted.


“At Houyhnhnms we have decided to go for a thrilling opportunity:
Create a community of creators with TV format.
A television which grows directly on inspiration.
A place to experiment new concepts for a new audiovisual market.
An environment to share the most authentic audiovisual dreams, with no need for intermediaries.”

MySpaceTV is hosting a new web show of dating guru Neil Strauss called Rules of the Game.


The first episode shows two guys and their efforts to get some telephone numbers. After every episode there’s a mission for the viewers, which they are supposed to tape and upload it as a video answer.

Did not post any Motion Graphic Projects for a long time, but this one has to be spread!
Noah Harris does the beuatiful on air design for E4.


Amazing combination of RealAction, Stop Motion and CGI. What I truly adore is the feeling of non-perfection which gives the idents a very authentic but playful atmosphere.


Some days ago I met Christoph Pohl, who did the project guteMedien TAXI this summer. He did a journey through Europe, searching for artists and interviewing them. It’s another very interesting web documentary format. Check it out!

S&V Xmas 2007

The 2007 Xmas-Special is a first-person-livevideo-game that game me goosebums playing it! This websites by well-known german agency “Scholz & Volkmer” is one of the best video based sites I came across this year.


What’s this? A kid’s drawing?

It’s Michel Gondry’s drawing for the new Björk Video. Although the video lacks Gondry’s storytelling skills as it’s more a performance video, it’s incedrible how unique his style is. His ideas really are like coming from a kid’s mind and that what sets him apart from everyone out there. Moreover, he almost always finds a metaphor for the message of the song, which is the most difficult part about doing music videos.

See the Making of here at Specialten and the Video at YouTube.

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Jonathan Harris tells the story of a traditional whale hunt by a family of Inupiat Eskimos in Barrow, Alaska in new ways. He documented the entire experience with a very slow stop-motion-film: a linear sequence of 3,214 images, taken at 5-minute intervals, even while sleeping (using a chronometer), establishing a constant “photographic heartbeat”. But in moments of high adrenaline, this framerate/heartbeat would quicken (to a maximum rate of 8 frames per minutes while the first whale was being cut up), mimicking the changing pace of his own heartbeat.

All imagery is presented in a very rich visual interface: Each photo comes with various meta-data like date, time, cadence (level of excitement), context (where it was taken), concepts (which ideas are represented) & cast (who is pictured). All the pictures can be displayed as a mosaic (all photos simultaneously), a timeline (a medical heartbeat graph whose magnitude at each point corresponds to the photographic frequency) or as a pinwheel (circular timeline).

Interesting hybrid of an advertisement and a shortfilm. Martin Scorsese with a Hommage to Alfred Hitchcock.

The Video is an interesting mixture of the actual shortfilm-ad and a fake-documentary of Scorsese talking about how he found a lost Hitchcock script.

Also see the website for the campaign: ScorseseFilmFreixenet

Next example in our series of “Audience Reaction Shots” (after this one) is the viral ad for the spanish movie [Rec].

Dailymotion DirectLink.

While the viral is pretty good, the movie actually seems to be a pretty lame Zombie Flick/ Blair Witch hybrid. See the trailer here.

Via Brainwash.

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Bruce McDonald launched Re-Fragmented, a re-editing initiative surrounding the release of his latest award-winning feature film The Tracey Fragments. Featuring a stand-out performance from Ellen Page as a 15-year-old girl who has lost her little brother and sets out on a desperate journey to find him, The Tracey Fragments is a daring portrayal of teenage angst, told in a dazzling style. The film, which opens in limited release Friday, employs multi-frame editing to breathtaking effect, pushing the boundaries of cinematic language to get inside the heart and mind of Tracey.


Tracey: Re-Fragmented makes available at all the footage from the shoot of the film for users to download and re-edit their own related projects including music videos, new trailers or to re-edit the entire movie themselves. The Creative Commons licensed initiative also makes available the score of the movie by Indie Collective Broken Social Scene.


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