Quaterlife, the most expensive exclusive web series up to date, has aired the first two episodes.

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In terms of narration and acting it I think it’s really awesome, it’s setting new standards for web fiction formats. I`m agreeing with Karina Longworth from NewTeevee that the basic idea of one of the main characters talking about his flatmates’ lives on his blog seems a little odd. It’s not very interesting to see the main character explaining everything through voice over while you actually see it in the acting yourself. Leaves only little room for your own interpretation and makes the plot very predictable.

But moreover, I think the series will become very popular. As I said, narration and acting are to the point. Especially the male and female protagonist will catch the attention of the mySpace audience. This coming-of-Age theme, struggling between your big dreams becoming an artist and your everyday (love)life has always worked. Why should it fail this time.

See Episode 2 here.

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