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Visit a big exhibition during the day, watch some crazy art performances, and then go to a big concert - how does that sound to you? Last Saturday, me and some friends and colleagues visited the STRP festival in Eindhoven. The organisation of the festival describe it the following way: “STRP is unique because it presents visual arts and music ranking alongside film, games, and robots”. So a promising concept! And yes, despite the messy built-up of the exhibition, the dominance of rather older installation works (actually, some of them were developed in the Netherlands and so have been shown plenty of times before), there were some gems! Overall there was a great atmosphere, and since I guess a big part of the public came for the concerts of Roisin Murphy, Trentemoeller, Goose, 2many djs, and so on and so forth, the exhibition did give a lot of people who are normally not involved with media art a chance to experience it! So in that way it seems successful - they had over 18.000 visitors in 3 days!


As Chris from NewTeevee notes, it’s seems like a weird idea, to run a web tv station that only shows commercials. Well, at first there might be some usage for Firebrand for people from the ad industry to stay up to date. For other audiences I’m sceptical. Here in Germany commercials have a rather negative image, but I assume in the U.S. viewers haven’t so much reservations to consume ads as enterainment.


Still, it sounds really strange to me when I read their manifesto:
“We submit, with rare exception, that they’re the best stuff on TV. In under a minute you get the best diirectors, the sickest special effects, the funniest writers - what is not to love?”

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Film: The Digital Future is a one-day conference presented by South West Screens on December 11th, 2007.


‘Film: The Digital Future’ will bring a pool of experts to the region to explain how best to embrace and exploit the ongoing digital developments within the production, distribution, exhibition and marketing sectors.

Following on from ‘Funding your Feature’, the informative South West Screen film finance conference of March 2007, ‘Film: The Digital Future’ promises to be both compelling and entertaining, and of course immensely informative.

Speakers confirmed from companies / organisations including the UK Film Council, Arts Alliance, Content Republic, City Screen and Hammer. Quite simply, there is no better way to get the lowdown on the changing landscape of digital film.

via Projector Films.

Another good usage of online video as a new marketing channel. The Boston Symphony Orchestra has started Boston, where they show recordings of their orchestra.


I think it’s a good idea, it really gives them the chance to reach new (and younger) target groups. Video lively transports the tension of a big classical orchestra. They have a nice video player with chapter functions and additional text commentary.

I allready wrote my last script with Celtx, but when I started a new one lately, I was amazed how the software improved. You can not only write your script with it, but also your storyboard, do your scheduling and reports and many more functions. Moreover, you can put the project on a server and invite different team members to collaborate.


“Celtx has all the tools you need to write, organize and collaborate in one modern, Internet friendly, free software application. It’s the most complete media pre-production software program available anywhere, at any cost.”

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When I saw the See Something. Feel Something. campaign from FOXTEL Australia I was a little suprised. Are they really serious?


There are showing people in front of a tv, whose feelings are diversifying between tension and joy. You don’t have to know the short film Evidence to get the impressions that all the people are looking like zombies! Is this really the impression they want to evoke?

The market of video converting software is crowded and confusing.
Lifehacker has put a together a handy list.

Also read the comments to get some more advices.

Passing By is a NetArt project by James Tindall, using YouTube content and good coding. The theme of journey seems to become quite popular lately. (also here)


Passing By presents two films that piece together brief segments from many different journeys into ever growing sequences of sights-seen-along-the-way, while looking out of the window of a car, a train, a plane or even just pushing a shopping trolley around the local super market.”

via Hi-Res!


The second part of the Video Vortex Conference initialized by the Institute of Network Cultures will take place on January 18th and 19th in Amsterdam. Registration has opened!

In response to the increasing potential for video to become a significant form of personal media on the Internet, this conference examines the key issues that are emerging around the independent production and distribution of online video content. What are artists and activists responses to the popularity of user-generated content websites? Is corporate backlash imminent?

After years of talk about digital conversions and crossmedia platforms we are now witnessing the merger of the Internet and television at a pace that no one predicted. For the baby boom generation, that currently forms the film and television establishment, the media organisations and conglomerates, this unfolds as a complete nightmare. Not only because of copyright issues but increasingly due to the shift of audience to vlogging and video-sharing websites as part of the development of a broader participatory culture.


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