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VideoDefunct is a Collaborative Research project by Seth Keen and Keith Deverell, with the aid of David Wolf at RMIT University Melbourne Australia. The project is an experimental work that focuses on producing a hybrid form of video blog. Currently as a work-in-progress, a number of prototypes are being developed in the open source blog publishing system WordPress. A key objective of the project is to explore the way video is presented within the structure of a blog from a ‘poetic’ perspective.”

After Vimeo there is another company called Akamai, which is pulling of streaming HD.


Right now they are running a demo portal called HD WEB. According to the company, right now only 10-20% of the users have the needed bandwith to receive the streaming HD files. If you don’t have the bandwith you can still download the clips to test the awesome quality.


Go watch the stunning Sigur Ros Heima Trailer as an example.

Another project I learned about at ARGOS:

Plugincinema is an early pioneer project of digital and web creative technology. They have published the pluginmanifesto which “aims to create a definitive framework that filmmakers can use to produce films specifically for the Internet” and a the plugincinema book - a guide to internet filmmaking.


Lots of interesting information and projects on the site, plugincinema is pushing the borders of web cinema.

At the Flip Animation Festival in Wolverhampton they’ll have a panel on the effects of YouToube on the Animation business.


“This panel discussion will look at the impact of new and emerging online platforms and tools and will ask what the opportunities are for animators and filmmakers and can online distribution and exhibition lead to professional commissions?”

One of the projects I saw at ARGOS:


“Artist Peter Horvath (CA, 1961) has experimented with photo montages for years, and in the domain of web technology he is essentially investigates how to enhance the qualities of his photo work beyond the two-dimensional context. In his current work he develops a web of fragmentary story lines, a framework of multi-coloured mosaics from which a ’spectator’ can draw his own history by navigating. According to Horvath the web reflects the ongoing process of making choices, through which we appropriate the world around us, and as such it is the ideal medium to investigate the notions of identity, subjectivity and consciousness.”

Whale Footage is a project by Dieter Paulmann. He has put amazingly beautiful footage of the sea world an it’s inhabitants online, which he has collected over the last 20 years.


The navigation concept is very intelligent, made by Scholz & Volkmer. Link via Jens Franke.

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Power to the Pixel, a ground-breaking new industry forum taking place on Friday 26 October 2007 at NFT1, BFI Southbank.


“Power to the Pixel is a one-day forum that will connect the film community with key innovators of the digital revolution who are pioneering new ways of distributing, marketing and financing independent films.

Leading filmmakers, entrepreneurs, networks and companies creating cutting edge distribution strategies will share their expertise on the latest digital tools and practices that are transforming the film business, as well as describing new ways of working in the digital environment.

MySpace airs a new exclusive web series today. It’s a co-development with Iron Sink Media which, according to MySpace, was developed with the MySpace audience in mind.


The series follows the lifes of 8 friends after their graudation from college. All the characters from the series communicate with the audience through vlogs and mySpace profiles, moreover the fan community will have the oppurtunity to affect the storyline.

I have to admit, that the first webisodes looks very boring. The concept seems to be mainly about showing some beautiful girls fighting each other. But have a look yourself.

via NewTeeVee.

Recreating Movement is a computer program for analysing film sequences and has been developed within the diploma thesis by Martin Hilpoltsteiner.


The single frames of a pre-keyed film sequence are arranged one behind the other in a three-dimensional space. In this way a complex movement is being captured in its whole length and turned into graphic information.

“An intimate look at a place where time is measured not by the movements of the sun but by the rumbling of the el train. Philadelphia, Front St./Kensington Ave.


Shadow World is a Vlog by David Kessler similar to 1000 Stories, although is concentrating on a very local area around his neighborhood. He is collecting short interviews with people living arounf this area.

I think there is whole new category of web video content developing, somewhere between documentary and private diary, very intimate, very raw, very direct.

Via Ticklebooth

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