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Emily Haines Music Video Our Hell is disturbingly beautiful!

Directlink, via OH!

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Josie’s Lalaland is a very intense and truly beautiful animated short film by Eb Hu.


via Motionographer.

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Brusells based ARGOS centre for art and media is organizing a conference called “Video Vortex: Responses to YouTube“, where I will contribute a speech on “The Artist moving (through) the web - new forms of artist’s production and distribution on the Internet”.


“Over the past years the moving image has claimed an increasingly prominent place on the internet. Thanks to a wide range of technologies and web applications it has become possible, not only to record and distribute video, but to edit and remix it on-line as well. With this world of possibilities within reach of a multitude of social actors, the potential of video as a personal means of expression has arrived at a totally new dimension. How is this potential being used? How do artists and activists react to the popularity of YouTube and other �user-generated-content� websites? What is the impact of the availability of massive on-line images and sound databases on aesthetics and narrativity? How is Cinema, as an art form and experience, influenced by the development of widely spreading internet practices? What does YouTube tell us about the state of art in visual culture? And how does the participation culture of video-sharing and vlogging reach some degree of autonomy and diversity, escaping the laws of the mass media and the strong grip of media conglomerates?”


The conference is part of the Open Archive #1 program from 29.09.-10.11.2007, which will feature ARGOS extensive collection of video works and media art. is a new web based cinema magazine from Germany.


Every issue features a new movie with trailers, making of, interviews and more background information. I was impressed by the quality of the given information. All this supported by a beautiful design. Really shows what’s possible with web TV formats.

The first issue covers ‘A mighty heart’ by Michael Winterbottom, with Angelina Jolie, starting today in German cinemas.

Artist collective Pleix is rockin the music video and advertising scene with one of the most unique and significant visual styles out there right now.

See there brand new ad for Sony HD (via Nerdcore):

YouTube DirectLink .
And if you haven’ t seen it watch BIRDS:

YouTube DirectLink .

I wrote an article for the german print magazine PAGE (issue 10/07) about the influences of the web on movie distrubution and marketing.


It originates from the example ‘Four Eyed Monsters’ (which I featured here), the first full feature on YouTube, and broadens the perspective to a general discussion about internet marketing & distribution for films.

Go check it out on German newsstands. The article of Jens Franke about Processing is also very interesting.


Cimatics, Brussels International Platform for Live A/V, presents a Masterclass Live Audiovisual Art, within the framework of the studio-program Experimental Media-art provided by the VAF (the Flemish Audiovisual Fund).
12 internationally renowned and specifically chosen artists and theoreticians from within the field of Live A/V engage to conduct these workshops.
Cimatics is looking for 10 participants for these workshops and addresses young artists from within the fields of visual arts, music, media arts or performance arts.
The Masterclass exists of several workshops in which the different aspects of the phenomenon Live A/V will be highlighted. Technical initiation, content contextualisation and specific hands-on experiments will be the key elements of these workshops.”

via Mediengestaltungsblog.

Wilkinson aired a new campaign called Fight for Kisses.


The hearth of the campaign is a game, where father and baby son fight for the kisses of their mom/wife with equally soft skin. What interested me more is the great trailer, which is funny as hell and transports an intense atmosphere. Really makes you curious to explore the site. Go watch it!


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FOLGE is a german video interview magazine about “interesting contemporary heads”.


Good questions combined with a interesting editing and interviews partners who have their own statements to tell make the magazine a true pleasure. The best so far is the interview with german print designer Mario Lombardo.

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