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The guys at pirate cinema berlin have pulled off an new movie database called 0xdb, which connects lots of different data available on the net.

“The 0xdb is a rather unique kind of movie database. It uses a variety of publicly accessible resources, like search engines and file-sharing networks, to automatically collect information about, and actual images and sounds from, a rapidly growing number of movies. What the 0xdb provides is, essentially, full text search within movies, and instant previews of search results.”

The part of the quote which should call for your attention is “full text search within movies”. If you type in a sentence, the database shows you every movie where this sentence appears and even the particular scene!


Further amazing features are an visualition tool for every film and a connection to google maps, which show you locations, where the movie was shot.


Read a detailed review at Know Future.


Video Networks is a research project consisting of the development of an electronic interface system for enabling the creation of networked or connected video based art works and the works produced with this system. It’s purpose is to explore the potential of creating works which are cinematic in nature yet break away from fixed linear narratives to explore concepts such as montage, collage, mixing, rhythm, looping, non-linearity in combination with simple interactivity in real time.”

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The russian site for the new Lexus GS450h uses an intuitive keyboard controlled interface for navigating the content.


When you hold down the shift key you can navigate between the sections. Loosing it shows a short intro video and then opens the section where you can scroll the content with the left and right keys.

Tags: Flash Video

The Trailer for the new Gondry feature is up and it looks like the film is going to be awesome again!

If you want to know more about Michel Gondry, the most imaginative director right now check the director files.

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“Antarctica, some time in the future. Hebe (Magda Ritz) and Ciro (Benedicto Moya) are spending their vacation. But they�re not an ordinary couple.

Similo is an amazing SF short movie by Blackmilk Films, that is Bruno Zacharias and MacGregor.”


via Ticklebooth

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Motion Designer Matthias Steinforth from Hannover, Germany, has updated his personal portfolio Mateuniverse.


He is working at Psyop NYC for some month now and has some impressive new clips on the site. His portfolio gives some inside views on project development by showing some pitches and stills additionally to his motion pieces.

Dennis Kopf has done some re-edits of some YouTube-Clips - see them here. A very intelligent artist’s comment on the usage of YouTube.


“Users have powerful tools for publishing and distributing content at their fingertips, and they show us:
Ass. Wiggly, bare, fat, American ass. Regardless wether its motivation emerged from the overload of casting shows, or music videos showing dancing titts in slow-motion; people tend to use YouTube to show what they can do, and boy can them gurls shake dat booty meat. Instead of getting distracted by the hot underaged ass jigglin to crunky beats the viewer can now reflect on the whole format of these home-made booty clips. Naturally the question arises wether the low-brow use of the given tools is what media firms are trying to achieve; or isn’t there a reason why TV is so stupid?”

Link via OH!

Sorry for the lack of updates within the last couple of days but I was on an amazing holiday trip.

Back in Berlin I’ll start off with a very interesting viral NOKIA-Campaign!


Besides a slick design and a nice Soundtrack they use a very intuitive video navigation. Depending on your mouse position the video runs back- or forwards.

Link via Bannerblog.

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YouTube Direktlink. Via Nerdcore.

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On the first look arranging three YouTube videos next to each other seems pretty odd, but as I was exploring the You3b site I recognized the potential of it.


The combination of three thematically connected or contrasting videos can be quite interesting. (See Metanoise as an example). Changing the volume of the single clips even gives you more variations, therefore it almost feels like a live djing tool. If you guys find more interesting montages on the site, let me know.

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