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Amazing music video by Stephen Pook:


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Many of you might now Jonathan Harris, but as he has a portfolio site up for some weeks now I’d like to point you to his works.

“Jonathan Harris is an artist and storyteller working primarily on the Internet. One part computer science, one part anthropology, and one part visual art, his work seeks to explore and understand the human world through the artifacts people leave behind on the Web.”


Out of his many amazing ideas I was deeply impressed by We feel fine - an exploration of human emotions when I saw at OFFF 2006 for the first. As most of his works it uses data sources on the web to show cultural/social doherences.

Mashable has put together a massive list of online media tools from which 150+ are connected to video usage. Categories include Online Video Communcation, Online Video Editors, Online Video Converters, Video Hosting, Mobile Video Apps and many more!


As there are rumors today (e.g. here and here) that MySpace is preparing it’s own tv show exclusivly produced for the web, I did some research on what kind of internet shows are out theren and what are the differences to classical tv shows. Web Soaps have been tried out years ago but as MySpace is going to spend 400 ooo $ per episode, there seems to be a market for it now.

Two interesting approaches I came across are Prom Queen and The Burg.

Observing these shows (and some others) there are some pretty obvious characteristics of web fiction:

Content: Fitting their MySpace audience the stories are set in a very young environment, dealing with lives&loves of teenagers/young adults. Secondly there’s a rather biogrpahical tone, the characters of the soaps documenting there lifes pretty much 24/7 with all kinds of media.

Style: Homemade! Although Prom Queen has some well produced intro parts, it seems like your soap needs to look ugly to get credibility from your web audience.

Lenght: 2-3 minutes is the duration for a web fiction episode. So classical narration has to be abandoned. Quick introduction, punchline, cliffhanger - there you go! Conflicts and relationship of characters can be developed throughout more then one episode.

Ok, I’m going to have some deeper thoughts on the subject soon. Any comments appreciated.

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Room” - the new video from the japanese group RinpaEshidan is full a crazy illu-madness and great stop-motion tricks: “Led by Noiz-Davi (Yoshiaki Kusunoki) and Daisuke Yamamoto, the group’s main activities are performing in live painting events and creating videos of art in action. Instead of focusing on the finished project, we believe the process of creation itself is where art comes to life and our videos aim to engage our audience in that process.” More: “1week of art works“, via: OH!

This Spiegel-article reminded me of The Tracey Fragments, which I saw at the Berlinale film festival in february.


The feature film heavily uses multi frame views to illustrate the confused state mind of protagonist Tracey (played by the immaculte Ellen Page). It’s quite a usual coming of age story, the multi camera setup really adds a worthy level to the narration.

Until now, releases are affirmed for Canada, Taiwan and Portugal.

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The new Visions Street Wear Site has a full screen video background. I’m curious how this site performs on different systems. On my Work station it runs smoothly while on my laptop it stucks quite often.


Nice solutions for the navigation and the loading graphics, too.

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Embrace‘ is very simple but emotionally intense short film by Hillman Curtis. It’s the newest in a series of short films exploring different human feelings.


via Untitled Memories

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Interesting article (german language) on Viral Marketing over at Brainwash. It strenghtens the fact that you need to reach the group of powerusers to start a virus. Thoose users are activly using video platforms by uploading stuff and participating in discussions. Those users often email links of cool content to their friends and advice by email is the most important spreading tool for viral campaigns.

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