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For graphic enthusiasts the movie titles are sometimes more enjoyable than the flick itself. There’s a video portal dedicated solely for the art of title design and it’s called “Forget the films, watch the titles“.

If you’re interested in title design, you also should check out this reel of THE number one insitution in title design worldwide: PROLOGUE

It’s a trend for some years now that computer games get closer to movies in terms of storytelling.
The new GTA IV seems to reach a new level in these terms, the development of the protagonist seems very detailed.


Trailer 2 is out today!

Video helps to promote every product, even toilet seats! :-)


Even though the claim (”Clean is happy“) is quite stupid and the testimonials are way over the top (They try to make you believe that this toilet seat will change your life), the video Interface is well done.

It’s not brand new but when I came across the beautiful “AH” short film of Supinfocom (same school as the directors of “Raymond”) students Simon Moreau, Bastien Dubois and Joris Bacquet on YouTube, I had to post it.

Unlike many other animated short films it has a very intense atmosphere and you really get into the character of the little girl.

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Vague Terrain is digital arts quarterly and the current issue reflects on the culture of sampling.


“Specific fragments are foregrounded and implicit in that selection is the exclusion of countless other memories and moments. The endgame in the act of sampling, whether reconsidering the familiar or resurrecting the forgotten, is to create an arena for discourse.”


The contributions range from experimental short films, text, images to music. I especially liked the piece “Driving” of video artist Chrsitan Marc Schmidt and IPODecosystems of dNASAb.

tanktv.gif is an inspirational showcase of contemporary moving image. It is dedicated to exhibiting moving images in a free and accessible way. Created by Masoud Golsorkhi in 2003 as an online gallery space, presents a range of films by established and emerging artists. In this way acts as a platform for new and innovative works in film and video. A minimalist and easy-to-use web design allows the viewer to focus on the work. Works (all three minutes long or shorter) range from the narrative to the experimental, film, video, found footage, animation, digitally manipulated and documentary video. Each month a new exhibition is curated, and the selected moving image works are shown on the website. Submission is open to all, there is no charge, and considers all types of work. Subscribers to the website can access the archive, which holds the entire collection of movies ever shown on”


Alessandro Valli and Natural Interaction showcase a beautiful collection of projects featuring sensitive walls, tables, ads,… with multitouch interfaces.

Amazing Music Video for the amazing first single ‘Atlas’ from the amazing album ‘Mirrored’ from the amazing band BATTLES!

Also check the interview on the origins of the band and their first album here.

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Mercedes has a quite courageous approach for the new UK C-Class Website.


A very reduced design with almost no footage of the car. Instead, they present 6 little interactive games that explain different features of the vehicle. Not every single one of the games is entertaining, but I like the idea of presenting the features in a different and new way.

“The forest is full of electronic noise.”

“An evolving, resonating journey through splintering landscapes and mysterious characters. Abstractions and forms are reverberated in fragile soundscapes of chaotic planes and unsettling arrhythmic patterns. Is it film or an improvised VJ cut-up? Is it visualized music feeding back into images, or images generating music? Synchronized sinking as SYNKEN is Transforma and O.S.T.’s collective creative experience. SYNKEN pushes the limitations and restrictions of genres and steps across new ground in digital art.”

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