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The master of sampling - Amon Tobin - has a new website called Field Excursions online, which illustrates his work progress.


The site is an “audiovisual environment populated with sounds sampled from Amon Tobin’s field recording sessions.”

On the site you’ll meet some strange creatures which interact with you through sound. This interaction is recorded in a individual video clip. Very experimental and progressive approach to present a musician on the net.

Also check out his new album Foley Room.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary, is updated with some new features: Make your own Star Wars Movie. Upload your own video and music and then mix and mash it with 250+ official clips and music from your favorite Star Wars movies at
The online video mixer provides transitions between clips as well as effects like slow motion (and of course the classic star wars titles)
Via galleries, groups, MashUp blogs and c&p inserts for standart social networking sites anyone can share their videos with fellow fans, discuss their videos and even remix and mashup user-cut videos.

StarWars MashUp

Interesting Video Ad, reminds me of the “Animator vs. Animation” Flash-Movies, but much more appealing and catchy with real video instead of vector animation. Though it’s quite heavy to load, I think it’s one of the best uses of streaming video in online advertising around today.


(More Advertising formats, with and without video at bannerblog).

Nokia Trend Lab is a new platform for progressive ideas using mobile media in the creative process. Nokia wants to support new formats in mobile communication to push the boundaries of the technology. The site is in beta status, but shows already some interesting project. Important information: You can submit an own project to participate.


Link found at the new Bewegungsmelder!

Jeff Wall is my most favourite art photographer today. His works captivate with amazing compositions and cinematic atmosphere. Every picture tells many diffeferent stories, giving me the feeling that there’s a secret hidden inside the picture.


See many of his beautiful works at the website for the current MOMA exhibition.

Tags: Media Arts


Sort-of non-linear video of car-driving at night (cockpit view) is used to create a sort-of driving-game. The obvious lack of interactivity is compensated by an interesting narration and the cinematographic look.

NOKIA - The Passenger

If myspace makes your eyes bleed, you should check out VIRB. The have a very clean and crisp interface with many customization options.


And make sure to check out their Widescreen-Video player.

cicatriz has been released!

This is the first broadband project by

Cicatriz web shop showcases Cicatriz Clothing spring collection using a LO-FI video interface, minimal sounds and a Mac friendly mouse wheel “jump-to-product” / scrubbing feature.

Cicatriz products are displayed using entirely video. Click “View details” to get a higher resolution video with product close-ups.

The shopping interface comes on top of each product’s video, making the add-to-cart process very intuitive. The web shop has been fully developed in Flash and PHP, delivering an integrated solution and avoiding external links such as PayPal.

Finally, I would like to mention the great sound design by Olle Cornéer, &

Betram Gugel has written an inside article in his “Digital-Film” blog (german only) on Joost and why it’s NOT the best Web-TV solution available.


Update: The article is now available in Englisch language.

I doubt that there is a single car manufacturer left, who uses no video content on his website. The reasons them to be clear: First, video on the web signalizes progressivity, that’s an image that every car brand wants to radiate. Second, video helps to transfer emotions, to create the atmosphere of the brand.

But here we touch an important issue in car marketing - Cars are products which are situated between two contradictory poles: Yes , cars are very emotional products, customers often buy a certain brand because they think it matches their lifestyle or because a certain status is connected to the car. But the second important issue for buying decisions are the technical facts. Cars are high-technology goods, many customers know the fact sheet of their ‘baby’ by heart.

So which direction to go for car marketing? Emotion or Information?

Many car companies safeguard against this problem with detailed product websites, which list all the technical details of all available models on hundreds of sites. Of course, only ready-to-buy costumers browse these sites and search for detailed information. Video-driven micro-sites have become more and more important to create awareness for new models. But which is the direction to go with these micro-sites? Concentrate on the affective, emotional and entertaining actions of the video? Or integrate some informational parts?

Many car-microsites try to do both: Create entertaining and thrilling stories and integrate some product features into the story. Let’s see some of their approaches:

Mercedes-Benz C-Class (german)

A very nice idea for the new C-Class. A C-Class owner picks up strangers who walk by his car. On the drive it turns out that the unknown passengers know more about the car than the protagonist. Therefore the talk about some of the product features blends harmonically into the story.

Nice usage of split screens (for example different emotions on the faces of the driver and the passengers). Also good interactive parts – on some points the user has to choose between two story path. There is a tight countdown (10 sec.) for this decision, what evokes the users attention.

Audi R8

The success of the Audi-microsite is mostly resulting from its stunning visuals. The sportswagon races over an artificial 3D-track. On some points the movement is freezed and phrases of product features appear. Although the quality of information is quite low, it’s a very subtle integration of product details, not disturbing the atmosphere of the video clip.

Volvo S80

The Volvo site is a good example, what web designers can learn from filmmakers. Here, the product features are integrated into the story very well. You have a dramatic story, great acting, suprises, nice photography. On the other hand, the interactive integration into the site is quite poor. You notice easily, that the story has originally been crated as one coherent spot and than has been split up into parts to give it an interactive touch.
A really nice idea of the Volvo site is to have a second storyline by integrating some interviews with the 3 protagonists. All of them have their very own (and very different) view onto what happens. That gives the story an intelligent humoristic atmosphere.

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